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Goldie Hawn exposing her tits in public

Wednesday, April 21st, 2015

Is this some basement punkster’s idea of a late April Fool’s Joke ‘coz if it is, I don’t think anybody is laughing. I mean just look at it. You can’t even give it a passing grade of 5 out of ten in the GILF-hotness scale. So this is no laughing matter. If anything , we should be mourning. Our dicks are crying salty tears for the death of Goldie Hawn‘s hotness because clearly, it has been long buried 6 feet under along with her career. Shit  just got real, man. Death truly became her! Although on a more considerate note, she was undeniably the epitome of girl-next-door sexiness 20…30 years ago. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane shall we? Now THIS is what I meant by hot.

Remember the classic dark comedy movie Death Becomes Her? Ofcourse you have. You were there in the movie house, in the corner, jacking off by yourself. Yeah I was a teen too. Good times. Anyway as I was saying, this is the kind of Goldie Hawn I want to remember in my fantasies. Not some old crazy woman who looks like an exhibitionist memaw who escaped from her nursing home. These pics should never have seen the light of day and I admit I may have gone overboard in sharing it to the world so allow me, in my last attempt to undo the nightmarish image of Goldie in our heads, to share you what should really be the theme of our wet dreams tonight. Some Meryl Streep-Goldie Hawn showing the pussy, tits and ass in hardcore lesbian action with a threesome with Kurt Russel. Is it too much to ask?